High commission affiliate programs

affiliateIf you don’t have a personal niche you can blog about, then maybe you can start a blog related to one the following programs. This will allow you to build an income from your new blog. Sign up the with the program that most interest you, and start posting articles on your blog related to that topic. In your articles or on the side of your blog page, you can place links to drive traffic to your affiliate page.

This list was generated November 2013. At this time, the below programs were still available.

If you haven’t notice by now, I am promoting the Blue Host affiliate program on this blog. When visitors land on my blog, they may be in the market for a hosting account. When an affiliate link is clicked from this blog I can earn a commission. Blue Host pays $65 per customer account. This is one way to earn an income with blogging.

  • High end watches. Ashford pays a 6% commission on sales. Purchases average $650.
  • Africa Point travel agency. They offer safaris, tours, travel, air flight, car rentals in Africa. 30% commission on purchases well into the thousands of dollars.
  • Hotel Club offers 50% commission on hotels around the world. Average order gets more than $300 commission.
  • The Saveology Network helps shoppers save on a number of different products and services. Some examples include: DISH Make $120-$150/sale, ADT Make $100-$350/sale, and MyTechHelp Make $16-$40/sale.
  • How about a surf board affiliate program? Becker Surf offers about 8% commissions on sales between $1000 and $5,000.
  • This tech support site for small businesses has over 200 affiliates and 75 support networks. Commission is 20% per sale.
  • So who pays for dating advice? Not sure but this program, David Wygant pays you 50%on all sales.
  • You can also earn some dough from car rentals. Rentalcars.com has an affiliate program. Not sure what the commision is since they don’t mention that on the affiliate page.
  • Care4hire offers a $40 payout for every family registration you bring to them.
  • What to start a blog about cruises? Cruise Direct offers a 3.5% commission on sales. We all know how expensive cruises are.
  • Blogging about house plans wouldn’t be to hard. Architectural Designs will pay a 15% commission on sales. The average sales is only $50, so you would have to have a high traffic blog to earn a large amount of income with this one.
  • I’m sure there are a few art fanatics out there. How about an 8% payment from an artwork site that averages $500 per sale?
  • How about an average of $1,000 per sale? Hovercrafts don’t sell like hotcakes, but sell a few here and there for Hov Pod and you could earn thousands of dollars.

There are 1,000’s of affiliate products and services on the web. To find more just do a quick search for affiliate programs related to your topic of interest.



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